Casual Continent - Finding the optimal sales channel

Casual Continent is a good example of the online service provider trying to reach consumers globally. In order to work their freemium business model requires wide visibility in right customer segment.  

Casual Continent is a casual games studio focusing on developing and operating browser-based massive multiplayer online (MMO) games. Company's target was to find out the optimal marketing channel for their MMOG games. Their first MMO game was Crown of Byzantus (CoB). Casual Continents target was to monetize through virtual currency sales with a focus on in-game benefits and consumables.

When Casual Continent applied to Luovimo they were expecting to have several marketing partners abroad. They hoped to get help on identifing these potential partners and to ramp-up these partnerships successfully.

During Luovimo project five different market entry strategies were identified: direct online marketing to consumers or partership with game publishers/distribution portals/game portals or media portals. Tools and techniques for online marketing were introduced to the company. For the partership model, potential marketing partners were identified and analysed from Italy.

As a result, company found out that direct online marketing to consumers is the optimal marketing channel for their MMO games. Identified marketing channels are either expensive (distributors), they do not give enough visibility (game and media sites) or their customer base is not typically formed by MMO players (game sites).