Seamless utility streams with Finnish IoT companies

Seamless utility streams with Finnish IoT companies

Internet of Things (IoT) adds value into the operational efficiency of utility infrastructure. From the company perspective, utilities and smart cities both appear to be fruitful grounds for advanced analytics in near future. Finpro’s Capitalize Your Knowledge growth program led a group of growth program companies to the European Utility Week (EUW), where their understanding of digital transformation unfastened.

In November, a group of six Finnish IoT companies – Avarea, BaseN, BIGDATAPUMP, Futurice, ionSign and Process Genius – presented their expertise in utility-related IoT at the EUW in Barcelona, Spain. Coming together under the Finland umbrella, exhibitions such as EUW bring forth all the potential of the Finnish expertise. Side by side, the companies’ solutions compose a seamless offering, consistently covering the whole IoT value chain.

Finland-based IoT companies enjoy a rare luxury; the advanced Finnish utility infrastructure opens up a perfect test bed for their solutions. For example, in the field of smart meters the Finnish regulatory environment is the best among the EU member states. The top of the class home ground enables forward-looking innovation for the likes of water, waste and energy.

At the EUW, the Finnish companies were able to build on their own homework, gaining numerous new connections and productive discussions with potential clients and partners.

“We had a pretty full schedule of pre-arranged meetings, with breaks at the stand in lively discussions with passing-by visitors,” summarized the company representatives of IonSign. “Some of them came with a burning need for a data collection solution and left with a proposal and agreed on further negotiations.”

The event also provided an opportunity to sense current winds of the IoT development and prospects across utilities and related sectors. In the future, utility assets that rely on the IoT have a realistic chance to become the new normal, generating plenty of opportunities worth a fortune.

Considering the experiences of the EUW and the impressive IoT awareness of the Finnish companies, they seem to be ready for it.