Helping your company succeed in international markets

Skillful and competitive companies find plenty of interesting business opportunities in other countries. We help you find these opportunities, recognize their potential, and transform them into profitable business.

The most effective way to go international is to start by working with an expert partner to choose the most suitable route for your company. We offer you expertise in all phases of international business.

Through us, you can get to know the success stories of Finnish companies that have already gone international. Working together, we evaluate your company's internationalization potential, providing you with a strong basis for success.

Our internationalization advisory services offer you experience-based expertise on going international and related challenges. In addition to providing information on the internationalization process, we advise you how to make necessary preparations.

We offer your company key contacts and networking opportunities in different markets. Our networks provide unique support for Finnish companies seeking international success.

To promote international business operations by Finnish companies, we run several programs each year. These programs offer your company exceptional opportunities to seize business opportunities we have identified and to network with Finnish and international operators in your sector.

The foundation for the services we offer is people who have comprehensive market knowledge and an excellent understanding of sector and business operations.

We seek growth for your company and all of Finland.