Every company that goes international needs new contacts with many different stakeholders. In addition to potential customers, it is important to get to know officials, financiers and a range of service providers in your target markets. Hearing about the experiences of companies who have been operating internationally for longer periods can also be of great value. We offer our customers multiple services that make networking easier.

Service Provider Search

Locate the right service providers quickly and easily

When you are looking for external skills or reliable expert service providers in your target market, we can introduce you to at least one suitable partner. Finding the right service provider in a new market is a significant benefit - save time and money and strengthen your market operations.

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Networking with Companies and Public Organizations

Strengthen your market operations with information and contacts

When you're going international, your company needs information about potential customers and sectors, operational methods, legislation and regulations, and sources of finance in your target market. We offer guidance on how to locate this information, and can assist you in networking with potential business partners, officials, sector organizations and other Finnish companies that have operations in your selected markets.

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Business Delegation Visits

A profitable way of developing your international business

Finnish companies who already have international operations can promote their export business by participating in business delegation visits. This service - B2B events, networking, visibility and guidance - is a powerful package. According to our customer research team, it has a clearly positive influence on the businesses of companies who participate. Take a look at our upcoming Business Delegation Visits!

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Export Partner Groups

An expert, cost-efficient resource for your company

When your company needs to initiate export operations with the help of an experienced export manager who has the required market knowledge, sharing an export manager with other companies interested in the same markets is an attractive option. Export Partner Groups created using our experience and expertise offer your company a cost-effective resource that helps you enter new markets as quickly as possible.

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Finnish Exporters Database

Information for overseas purchasers on Finnish products and services

The primary function of our Exporters' Database is to serve overseas companies who are searching for Finnish products, but it also serves Finnish companies seeking growth in global markets. Via the database, we market products and services offered by more than 900 Finnish exporters to overseas purchasers in a cost-effective manner. Get to know our Exporters' Database; it could help increase your company's international turnover.

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Networking Events

Information, visibility and contacts for your company

Our Networking Events have a common goal - effective promotion of our customers' business operations. Every happening offers detailed information about going international and an opportunity to promote your company. You'll also be able to identify potential customers and partners that could have a major influence on your business. Participation in our networking events helps develop your company's readiness to operate in international markets. Learn more about our upcoming networking events!

What experiences have others had?

Benefit from others' experiences as you build your own success story.

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