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The www.finpro.fi website has been created by Finpro to improve the service it provides to clients and to share an increased selection of information on the subject of going international. Registration is free. Welcome to our website!
To use the Finpro website or become a registered user, you must accept the Terms of Use detailed on this page. By opening these pages, you agree to comply with these terms. Use of the pages that constitute this website is not permitted if you do not accept the Terms of Use. Finpro reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time by updating them.

Individual documents and/or services which form part of the e-services provided on the Finpro website may be subject to special terms of use which apply to such documents or services in addition to the Terms of Use which apply to the Finpro website as a whole.

Using the Finpro website

Pages on the Finpro website can be viewed using a computer or similar device and parts of them can be printed out and used if this is done for a private, non-commercial purpose. The page contents and any images they contain are the property of Finpro or its co-operation partners and are protected by Finnish copyright law, unless a statement to the contrary is made.

The use of pages and copies of pages for purposes other than for individual private use, their transfer, distribution, storage or other use is forbidden unless approval in writing for such use has been obtained from Finpro in advance.
The use of published Finpro press releases and other documents intended for publication in public information systems is permitted if the source of such material is stated in a clear and unequivocal manner.

The use of material contained in these pages or its distribution without obtaining prior permission for such use or distribution may infringe copyright, trademark rights and other rights and may result in penalties and a liability for damages.

Finpro web pages - functionality, contents and Finpro's liability for any damages

Finpro provides these web pages to readers as they are and reserves the right to change their content and/or restrict access to them at any time. Finpro does not guarantee that use of the web pages will be error-free or uninterrupted, and does not accept liability for any direct or indirect damage that may be caused by the use of these web pages.

Finpro does not guarantee that page contents found on this website are suitable for any specific use, and is not liable for any damage that may result from the use of page contents found on the Finpro website.

Links on Finpro's network pages

If web pages on the Finpro website have links to web pages or websites operated by third parties, Finpro is not responsible for the content or services provided by such third parties. Any user of the Finpro web pages who uses services on a website operated by a third party does so entirely at their own risk. We recommend that before you begin using pages on any website, you familiarise yourself with that website's terms of use and decide whether to accept them.

Material uploaded to the Finpro website by users or third parties

By uploading material that has not been specifically ordered (such as feedback) to the Finpro website using e-mail or via a web page, a user simultaneously grants Finpro and other users of the web pages rights to use and disseminate the material concerned at no charge unless an agreement to the contrary has been made. All material uploaded by users or third parties to Finpro website pages, or material available via links or notifications provided by user or third parties, is therefore in the public domain and available for use by anyone, allowing it to be used, copied, distributed, modified, developed or benefited from in other ways.

Finpro does not review the content of uploaded material or its correctness and takes no responsibility for such material in any way. By uploading material to the Finpro website, senders accept and confirm that the material being uploaded is their own or that they have the right to upload it, and also that the material is not illegal or otherwise unsuitable for publication. Finpro also requires that the senders of any material use suitable methods to identify and remove any viruses which uploaded material might contain. Finpro retains the right to delete uploaded material from its web pages at any time.

Personal data protection and the identification of website visitors

Finpro observes data protection regulations and protects the privacy of individuals using the Finpro website. The Finpro Privacy Policy can be viewed by clicking on the accompanying link. Personal data is not supplied to third parties unless it is required to answer questions raised by the user, or requested for the purpose of answering specific questions, providing specific services, or other comparable interactive operations.

Finpro may use the personal data it holds for internal research. Finpro may also supply compound statistics and general information regarding Finpro's clients, sales, page visit rates and other information relating to its website to trustworthy third parties, but these statistics and general information will not contain information which might permit individuals to be identified.

On some occasions, Finpro may transfer data to a user's computing device which allows the user to be identified. Items of this type are known as ‘cookies' and are used to improve the service being provided by the Finpro website. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can prevent your computer from downloading them by changing the settings in your web browser. Doing this may however prevent you from benefiting from some sections of the Finpro website.

Terms of use for the logos and trademarks of Finpro and its co-operation partners

Names, designs, logos and trademarks displayed on the Finpro website are the property of Finpro or its co-operation partners. The copying, transfer, distribution, storage or other exploitation of these names, designs, logos and trademarks is prohibited, unless agreement in writing has been obtained in advance from Finpro or the partner organisation concerned.

Other conditions

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Finland. If disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use cannot be settled through negotiation, they will be resolved by the District Court of Helsinki.