Interesting job opportunities in Finland and around the world

Finproners help Finnish SMEs go international, encourage foreign direct investment in Finland and promote travel to Finland. Finpro is a public organization consisting of Export Finland, Visit Finland and Invest in Finland. All in all, everything in our organisation is tuned towards bringing growth to Finland. In Team Finland, Finproners manage almost 40 significant Growth Programs such as Cleantech Finland, Food from Finland and FinlandCare. Through the Growth Programs, Team Finland helps hundreds of Finnish companies enter the international market and attracts investments and travel from around the world to Finland.

Many Finproners work overseas as experts in Trade Centres with their Team Finland colleagues. Most important is their knowledge of local markets, their skills in recognising and predicting opportunities for Finnish companies to grow internationally and for international companies to invest in Finland, their knowledge of commerce and cultural differences, as well as their understanding of practices in different sectors.

Career Opportunities

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To make a job application, click on the link displayed with an announcement. If none of the open positions are what you are looking for, you can submit an open job application. We will add your application and your CV to our recruitment database - unfortunately, we cannot handle applications sent to us by e-mail. All the details provided in job applications remain confidential.