Finpro as an employer

Our Human Resources policies take account of equality issues and cultural differences and are designed to support real co-operation. Expertise and its development are the areas that we focus on, and Finproners are encouraged to continuously develop their skills either through opportunities offered in-house or by participating in external training.

In our office environment, we encourage 'green' values in our travel policies and through our virtual conferences - and in training, by using internal electronic systems and in IT and the procurement of the products used in our offices. Sustainable development, social responsibility and changing social challenges add another dimension to the leadership and development of our organisation.

In order to guarantee that our operations are efficient, we have an excellent international group of internal experts: they handle the development of our operations and our skills, marketing and communication, HR services, and the management of our finances and the information we hold. These tasks represent a wide range of demands, including knowledge of one's own field, an international perspective and the ability to co-operate with others successfully. We expect everyone employed in these roles to have a strong desire for development and the aim of being a pioneer in their own area of expertise.

Inspiring work in an international environment

Working at Finpro offers excellent opportunities for utilising and developing multiple skills.

Opportunities available all over the world

Two-thirds of Finproners work overseas as experts in export centres – as consultants and market analysts. Most important is our know-how regarding local markets, our skills in recognising and predicting opportunities open to Finnish companies, our knowledge of commerce and cultural differences, and our understanding of practices in different sectors.