Finpro values and culture

Good client relationships and sector expertise make for success

Our principal tasks are to understand both the needs of Finnish companies and the challenges they face, to be able to interpret and benefit from the opportunities that arise in international markets, control any associated risks and promote our clients' success in different sectors. Our consultants who work in Finland face the same demands – we expect them to possess robust sector expertise and comprehensive knowledge of Finnish business. This way, Finproners working in our international network and in Finland combine their expertise. Co-operation usually begins with an examination of a client's business plan, ensuring that the preconditions for successful internationalisation exist, and this enables work with the experts in our export centres to be based on a sound foundation.

The values which direct what we do are as follows:

Our clients' success

We want to support our clients in their international growth by giving our best and by offering them solutions tailored to their needs in an efficient way, renewing the services we provide in an innovative manner.

Openness and co-operation

We work with our clients, our partners and our employees in an open atmosphere, valuing effective co-operation and benefiting from multi-faceted methods of interaction.

Expertise and continuous development

We actively develop our own skills through research, learning together, sharing knowledge and continually reflecting on what we do.

Commitment to what we do and its development

We accept broadly-based responsibility for the work we do, and develop our skills continuously on the basis of both the feedback we receive and our predictions for the future.