Finpro ry

The Association Finpro ry has handed over its operations to Finpro Oy starting January 1, 2016. The transfer of the operations in the specifically identified foreign offices of Finpro ry will be carried out in phases after January 1, 2016.


Finpro purchasing invoices are processed and filed mainly as e-invoices. Payments terms are 21 days if not otherwise agreed.

Invoicing address

Finpro ry e-invoicing address/EDI code: 003702023177
Basware operator ID: BAWCFI22
Finpro ry business ID: 0202317-7
VAT code: FI02023177

We also accept electronic attachments to e-invoices (pdf format).

If you do not have accounting software with an e-invoice function, please send your invoices to address:

Finpro ry
PL 358
00181 Helsinki

Pdf-invoices can be sent by e-mail to:

Reference person and other invoice details

Finpro reference person must be mentioned on the invoice as well as project ID when given in connection of the order.

Especially for invoices outside EU please include full beneficiary and bank details.

Additional information

Seppo Myllymäki                                
puh. +358 294 695 600                   

Tiina Toivanen                       
tel. +358 294 695 613