Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe NetworkFinpro is a partner organization in the Enterprise Europe Network and also coordinates the network in Finland. Other partners in Finland are Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and Turku Science Park.

Enterprise Europe Network was established in 2008 by the European Commission. It is a network that provides free-of-charge internationalization services to SMEs and operates in over 50 countries. The network´s services are provided by about 600 organizations and more than 3000 experts.

Enterprise Europe Network services

The network offers the following services:

  • General advice on internationalization and legal matters
  • Services for finding international cooperation partners
  • Seminars on topics related to internationalization
  • Support for finding the suitable EU funding program
  • Feedback channel to the European Commission for companies facing difficulties in the internal market

Enterprise Europe Network is partially funded by the European Commission (COSME program). The network is nationally funded by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the network partners.


Enterprise Europe Network national webpage: www.enterpriseeurope.fi

Enterprise Europe Network international webpage: http://een.ec.europa.eu/

Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce: http://helsinki.chamber.fi/en/

Turku Science Park: http://www.turkusciencepark.com/

Contact persons at Finpro:

Helsinki, Finland

Ching-Yi Wang
+358 40 743 3658
email: ching-yi.wang(at)finpro.fi

Mikael Virkki
+358 50 310 2630
email: mikael.virkki(at)finpro.fi
Markus Ranne
+358 40 343 3453
email: markus.ranne(at)finpro.fi

Tampere, Finland

Hannele Halmetoja
+358 50 380 4814
email: hannele.halmetoja(at)finpro.fi

Aija Kalander
+358 40 555 1637
email: aija.kalander(at)finpro.fi

Maarit Vuorio
+358 40 584 5497
email: maarit.vuorio(at)finpro.fi

Oulu, Finland

Teija Pakanen
+358 40 835 9264
email: teija.pakanen(at)finpro.fi