An International Network for the Benefit of Finnish Companies

Finpro's global networking benefits both our clients and our co-operation partners. Our international network offers a unique combination of expertise in Finnish business, different sectors and local/regional markets.

Our experts in global locations help Finnish companies obtain information about target markets, enter selected markets and network with local actors. Our services and our expertise help companies control risk by ensuring that they do the right things at the right time.

We have globally 240 professionals in 37 offices in 31 countries.

Heads of Regions

  • Jaani Heinonen, Head of Region, East Asia, +358 20 4695 018, jaani.heinonen(a), located in Shanghai
  • Harri Lanning, Head of Region, Austria, Germany +358405051516,
  • Juha Miikkulainen, Head of Region, Asia-Pacific and India, +358 294 695 081, juha.miikkulainen(a), located in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
  • Kirsi-Maarit Poljatscenko, Head of Region, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania and Turkey, +358 29 4695 855, kirsi-maarit.poljatschenko(a), located in St. Petersburg
  • Tomi Rauste, Head of Region, Americas, +1 571 337 5024, tomi.rauste(a), located in Washington DC
  • Pekka Tolonen, Head of Region, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Saudi Arabia, Africa and UAE, +358 29 4695 411, pekka.tolonen(a), located in Helsinki