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Finnish Vakava maintains the cold chains in developing markets

Finnish Vakava maintains the cold chains in developing markets

Finland-based Vakava Technologies keeps up the cold chains even in the most demanding conditions across the globe. Recently, the company has found a new market opening in Myanmar with the help of Finnish trade promotion agency Finpro.

When it gets hot enough, one needs cold. This universal principle is well known by Finnish company Vakava, which has created an innovative solution for the transportation of agricultural products and medical supplies.

The container solution called QuickCold combines sensors and cloud-based tracking system for an accurate location and temperature monitoring. Thus, it keeps things cold, even in changing circumstances.

"Our mission is to provide an unbreakable cold chain, all the way," says Stefan Appel, CEO of Vakava. "In many regions of the world, cold chain infrastructures are only beginning to develop. Moreover, the climate is often rather hot, so you have to pay some extra attention to maintaining food quality. The same logic applies to vaccines and other medical supplies."

The company's solution is optimal for developing markets, including the growing economy of Myanmar, which is facing necessary investments in the local infrastructure. Consequently, the development of the Southeast Asian country has opened a new world of opportunities for Vakava. Among others, the Finnish company is piloting its solution with a food chain in Myanmar.

Finpro has played a crucial role during the process.

"Quite often the beginning is the hardest in leads like these," Appel says. "The early stage support by Finpro was outstanding. It was not just general stuff, rather very concrete and detailed advisory on a personal level. It's definitely possible that we wouldn't be here without them."

Vakava has been actively taking part in Finpro's Developing markets and Myanmar growth market programs. Program Manager Kai Tuorila is glad to hear the compliments. Tuorila has been Finpro's man on the ground in Myanmar.

"That's what we try to do," he says. "Obviously, it's always fantastic to hear that we have managed to help a Finnish company to grow internationally."

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