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KoneAgria 2017 showcases agrotechnology innovations from Finland

KoneAgria 2017 showcases agrotechnology innovations from Finland

KoneAgria 2017 presents an excellent opportunity to explore the latest technologies and innovations from the major agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers in Finland. The exhibition will be held in Tampere on 12-14 October 2017, and this year's focus is on pig and poultry farming.

Finpro is organising a seminar entitled Agrotechnology innovations from Finland as part of its international buyer and media visit to KoneAgria2017. The seminar will highlight some of the latest technologies and solutions by Finnish companies in the agricultural sector.

Sustainability is an important driver for Finnish companies in the development of new machinery and equipment due to the harsh conditions and vulnerability of the Northern environment. Improved productivity needs to be accomplished with environmentally sustainable solutions and safety in mind.

The following Finnish companies will present their innovations at the seminar: Antti-Teollisuus, EL-HO, Farmtools, Figen, JPT-Industria, Junkkari, Maaselän Kone, Palax Ylistaron Terästakomo, PEL-Tuote, Pellon Group, Raniplast, and Suokone.

Sustainable agro solutions from Finland

Finnish companies offer a wide range of machines and solutions for more sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry. For example, Pellon Group has developed an innovative manure processing system for cattle and pig farms that uses microbiology mediated technology.

"Pellon Biosampo is a sustainable manure management system that boosts nutrient utilization on the farm, improves logistics, removes smell and bacteria from slurry, and reduces ammonia emissions," says Harri Muilu, Sales Director at Pellon Group.

Junkkari's efficient combi drills place the seed and fertilizer very precisely in the soil and even do the rolling. "This maximizes the yield from the fields, while also saving time and energy," says Toni Ruokoja, Export Manager at Junkkari.

Avant has developed two fully electric loader models that are battery powered and have zero emissions. The e5 model is equipped with lead acid batteries and the e6 with lithium batteries.

The new easy to use Valtra SmartTouch armrest is designed for farmers who want to focus on farming results. The nine-inch touchscreen allows easy customization of tractor controls, and gives access to the full range of precision farming tools.

Commitment to quality and safety

Finnish agrotechnology is internationally recognized for its high-quality solutions. Nearly all Finnish companies operating in the agricultural sector are ISO 9001:2008 certified, with several companies supporting 14001:2004 environmental certification.

"Finland's reputation as a trusted source of agrotechnology products is based on the commitment of Finnish companies to continuously invest in R&D, quality control and product testing in order to develop more productive, sustainable and safety-enhancing innovations," says Elina Puszkarzewicz, Program Director of the Agrotechnology from Finland program.

Elina Puszkarzewicz, Program Director, Agrotechnology from Finland, +358 40 3433 349,

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Agrotechnology from Finland is a national program gathering the most innovative Finnish companies operating in the field of agricultural and forestry machinery and livestock solutions. It facilitates Finnish agrotechnology companies to find new markets and increase their exports. The program is managed by Finpro.