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Meet the Finnish innovative and sustainable solutions at Finland Pavilion at AidEx 2017

Meet the Finnish innovative and sustainable solutions at Finland Pavilion at AidEx 2017

Today, the world witnesses the highest number of both natural and man-made disasters ever. Innovations are needed to reduce the effects of climate change, to relieve the suffering of people, to mitigate the risks of natural disasters and to address the challenges of sustainable development.

Finland is a highly innovative technology superpower, ranked among the biggest contributor to global innovation in the world, finds a recent study by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF). Finland has a strong knowledge base in the areas of cleantech, mobile technologies, education and health, sectors which are also well represented at this year’s Finland pavilion at AidEx Brussels at location: C15.

Better health solutions

Bringing better maternal care to the most fragile health care systems is the goal of Finnish Baby Aid KIT – a solution providing the necessary items for safe birth and good start for the mother and child. The solution is tested and developed in close cooperation with leading NGOs.

Lune Group Ltdhas a strong vision of empowering girls and women globally, and breaking menstruation-related taboos. Lunette Menstrual Cup is a sustainable alternative to traditional pads and tampons.

When it gets hot enough, one needs cold. Vakava offers an innovative cold chain solution called QuickCold, which combines sensors and cloud-based tracking system for an accurate location and temperature monitoring.

2Cool Finlandhas developed customer-oriented thermo transport solutions for local needs worldwide. Hot, warm, chilled and frozen foods and other perishable products, e.g. medical products, can be transported in an environmentally friendly and in the most convenient and cost-effective way.

Digital solutions in action

Pajat Solutionswill showcase their Poimapper solution at Aidex, used for instance to gather digital survey of the Rohingya in Myanmar. The Poimapper cloud service enables efficient field data collection even by users with limited IT skills and provides comprehensive reporting and analytics to help international NGOs work smarter.

Claned personalizes learning to each individual improving their study motivation and learning results. This is possible by combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and Finnish pedagogy revealing what factors impact individual learning.

Improved operations – Sheltering, protecting

KT-Shelteris a large-scale, robust weather shelter designed for the requirements of defense, crisis management and industry. It is set apart from its competitors by a patented innovation that enables the shelter to be assembled from the ground up without machinery or cranes.

IC2 Feeniks designs and manufactures advanced covering solutions that protect people and materials worldwide. The practical air beam or metal frame tent systems can be used e.g. as accommodation-, medical- and working space. They develop chemical protection products such as various Patent Isolation Pods and customized basins and body bags.

ResCamp Modules by Comprendum provide rapid, scalable and modular camp solutions to support disaster relief, humanitarian support and crisis management. Tailor made “turnkey” solutions also for upgrading existing camps.

Sioen Ballistics (former Verseidag) offers a wide range of new and innovative protection solutions in various wearing formats, including overt-, covert- and tactical vests, ballistic shields and blankets, insert plates and helmets. The company has been in the ballistic business for more than 30 years and is today considered one of the leading companies in its field in Europe.

Merdec has created superior modular ground deck system for tents and light buildings. Biggest advances are that decking system is simple, strong and fast to build up on any ground. Ground can be loamy, stony and uneven etc. and no need for any tools or heavy vehicles.

Clean water and supplies

Clewerpresents at AidEx a patented modern biological waste water cleaning and recycling technology up to 10k people in container unitsIt is low maintenance, suitable for rural areas, remote controlled, has relocation possibilities, fast to establish and easy to stock and deliver. Modularity allows to change sizes and volumes easily.

Clean quality drinking water from seawater, lakes, rivers, boreholes, and floodwater. Solar Water Solutions offers sustainable and economically efficient modular and scalable water purification solutions. The stand-alone units operate 100% with solar energy without any fossil fuels or expensive batteries.

Leader Foodsis a dynamic Finnish company with strong science-based expertise in the development of high-quality nutrition products from snack bars to Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MRE), dietary supplements and sports nutrition.

Power of Partnerships

Antti Toivanen, Country Director for Finn Church Aid’s humanitarian program in Greece will speak at Aidex about the power of partnerships. Finn Church Aid (FCA) is the largest development cooperation organization and the second largest humanitarian actor in Finland.


Sofia Nyholm, Finpro
Terhi Rasmussen, Finpro

Finpro leads a Developing Markets Program, which helps Finnish companies to access, do business and partner in developing countries with government agencies, NGOs, international development organizations, international financing organizations, as well as local and international companies.­­