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Smart Energy Summit predicts the future revolution of energy sector

Smart Energy Summit predicts the future revolution of energy sector

The energy sector is facing a global disruption. Market potential of the smart energy system and its parts is huge and Finnish companies should take their share of it. At Smart Energy Summit global high-level influencers presented their views of the development of the sector and breakthrough concepts of the future.

The opening speaker for the event, Mr. Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing for Finland, says that we need to strengthen our international collaboration in energy sector to fulfil Paris climate agreement.

 – New smart energy services are needed to enable efficient and sustainable production and use of energy. As energy supply will be based to a greater extent on renewable energies, we will need solutions that enable elasticity of energy demand and effective energy storage. Future concepts will be developed in close co-operation between the energy and ICT sectors.

Mr. Risto Siilasmaa, Chair of the Board of Directors for Nokia, shares similar vision of the future.

– New energy sources, energy storing technologies, electric vehicles, and change in consumers' role will require new technological innovations. Introduction of smart technologies, such as 5G, cloud services, artificial intelligence and block chain will open completely new possibilities for companies. These technologies can best be exploited with intense collaboration of key actors.  
The CEO of Fortum, Pekka Lundmark, says that the transformation is already on the way.

– We at Fortum believe in a smarter and cleaner future energy system, but it requires that besides reducing emissions, we need to offer energy to customers with affordable price and reliable delivery.

Testbeds accelerate development   

– Finland wants to strengthen its leading position in the smart energy field and has launched testbeds and testing environments where startups and large companies can co-create new solutions and services for the international market, explains Pia Salokoski, Manager for Smart Energy Program in Tekes. Testbeds are expected to attract also international investments. The first testbeds are based in Otaniemi, in Åland and on HEILA virtual environment.

The aim for the Åland Islands testbed is to create an experimental ecosystem based on intelligent electricity grids and to the production and use of 100 percent renewable energy. Åland is for many reasons an ideal test area for the future energy system development. The small, independent region has more wind, sun and waves than anywhere else in Finland. Also the share of imported electricity is high. The aim is to create a new kind of energy market and new service models that will enable different actors to use electricity in an intelligent and flexible way.

The Smart Otaniemi testbed enables companies to experiment and develop energy data utilization, for example in smart building and mobility applications, through the 5G network.

10 rising companies pitching their future solutions

High-tech startups can change business models and the operation of the entire energy sector with new digital applications. However, technical solutions alone are not enough to break through, but also investments and the right partners and networks are needed to commercialize the solutions. That's why Smart Energy Summit connected industry startups with investors. At the event, a dozen pitches were heard from emerging Finnish companies that offer intelligent energy solutions.

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