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Finpro’s and Tekes’s good work continues in the new Business Finland

Finpro’s and Tekes’s good work continues in the new Business Finland

Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and Finpro, the Finnish trade promotion organization, will be merged into a new organization with the working title Business Finland. Business Finland will gather all services related to the promotion of innovation funding, exports, investments and travel under one roof. About 600 experts will be transferred to the new organization.

Abroad, cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs will be intensified. Together with the diplomatic missions, Business Finland will form a stronger Team Finland network globally.

Finpro’s and Tekes’s tasks will not change in the restructuring, but the way of organizing and producing services will become more streamlined.

“Regardless of the organizational structure, the need for the important work that Tekes and Finpro do hasn’t disappeared anywhere. Companies need innovation funding and services related to the promotion of exports, investments and travel in the future as well, and this is the work we will continue to do in the new Business Finland,” says Tekes Director General Pekka Soini.

“The goal of the restructuring is to offer better service to our customers. The work on the details is only now starting. During the change process it is important to ensure, that focus remains on serving our customers,” explains Finpro CEO Markus Suomi.

The Ministry for Economic Affairs and Employment will begin work immediately to form the new organization. The goal is for Business Finland to be up and running on 1 January 2018.