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The Finpro stakeholder magazine, our brochures and annual report describe the way we operate, the benefits that Finpro's clients derive from our expertise, our viewpoints and our clients' successes.

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Finpro inFront magazine and newsletter

Theme in Finpro inFront #2 2012 was Healthcare, market area India

Finpro inFront magazine and newsletter

As Finpro stands in the front line when our clients head abroad, we wish to be the ones to provide relevant business foresight for them. Finpro inFront talks about business opportunities abroad, gives practical information on markets and industries, networks and stakeholders. And of course - key to it all - introduces Finnish companeis that have succeeded in their internationalization.

Finpro inFront is published 4 times a year, in Finnish.

Read the OnLine version in the Finnish site: Finpro inFront

All  issues of Finpro inFront magazine published in 2010 - 2012 are available also in easy-to-read online versions in an external, Otavamedia site.  Check out 

     #2 2013  R&D as business, healthcare market in the USA
     #1 2013  Cleantech, renewable energy in Latin America, President's Awards
     #4 2012  Theme:  ICT opportunities worldwide  
     #3 2012  Theme: Human centered business - market area: Scandinavia
     #2 2012  Theme: Healtcare - market area: India
     #1 2012  Theme: Forest industry - market area: China
     #4 2011  Theme: Food sector - market area: Russia
     #3 2011 Theme:  e-commerce - market area: America
     #2 2011  Theme: Maritime cluster - market area: Germany
     #1 2011  Theme: Future Learning Finland & President Awards - market area: South Korea 



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Annual review 2013

Report by the Board of Directors and Finpro Annual Review 2013.

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