Looking for new business opportunities abroad? Join a Team Finland high-level business delegation to the country where you want to do business

Finpro organizes high-level business delegation visits for Finnish companies in cooperation with other Team Finland partners. The goal of these visits is to open doors, create contacts and improve networks for you in markets, which are of interest to you.

These business delegations are normally invited to join the high-level visits of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister of Finland or Finnish government ministers as well as high-level officials from various ministries. By participating in delegations, you can foster your internationalization strategy by building and reinforcing relationships with partners and decision-makers in the country where you want to do business. In addition, there are opportunities for positive media coverage both in Finland and in the country you are visiting, creating awareness for your company.

Interested? Below is a list of the high-level delegation visits we have planned for the early part of 2018. Click the links on the side to sign up for more information on a specific delegation.

Confirmed visits

Team Finland visit to New Zealand and Australia on 25 February-3 March 2018

Team Finland visit to New Zealand and Australia on 25 February-3 March 2018

Team Finland visit to New Zealand and Australia
on 25 February-3 March 2018

Business opportunities in smart cities and waste management!

Join a Team Finland business delegation and travel to New Zealand and Australia with Mr. Mika Lintilä, Minister of Economic Affairs and discover new business opportunities.

Australia's and New Zealand's rapid population & urban growth present both opportunities and challenges for metropolitan and regional areas. At the same time cities have financial means to explore the best technologies to solve those challenges. Finnish companies have historically great success in Australia and New Zealand with current estimated turnover of over 2,5 billion EUR annually.

Interested? Click the tab below and register by 14 December 2017 and read more about the detailed practical information, costs involved and the program.


Program highlights
Auckland, New Zealand:

  • Ministerial meetings
  • New Zealand – Finland Innovation Seminar on Better Cities (tbc)

Melbourne (Victoria), Australia:

  • Ministerial meetings and gaining overall picture of smart city and waste sectors in Melbourne and in Victoria
  • One-on-one business meetings
  • Visits and meetings with leading Australian smart city developments and waste projects.

Sydney and Newcastle (New South Wales), Australia:

  • 4th Annual Australia – Finland Innovation Forum on Better Cities (tbc) - followed by business speed-dating
  • Meeting with the Mayor of Newcastle (tbc)
  • Business speed-dating
  • Visits and meetings with leading Australian smart city pilots
  • Visit and meeting with the largest and most profitable city owned waste-facility in Australia
  • Discussions on waste-to-energy test facility under construction. Learn more.

Participation fee
To cover the expenses, Finpro will charge a participation fee for arrangements in New Zealand and Australia on 25 February–3 March 2018:

  • Micro businesses and SMEs: EUR 2295 + 24% VAT per person  
  • Major companies: EUR 2700 + 24% VAT per person   

Finpro will invoice the participation fee after the visit based on the actual costs. The invoiced fee will not exceed the amounts mentioned above. Learn more.
For more information please contact:
- Mr. Antti Niemelä, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Finland in Canberra, antti.niemela@formin.fi, +61 404 016 478 (UTC+10)
- Ms. Lotta Eiroma, Project Manager, Business and Media Delegations, Finpro, +358 40 716 2628, lotta.eiroma@finpro.fi

Planned visits