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Team Finland Visit to Singapore on 10-12 January 2018

Team Finland Visit to Singapore on 10-12 January 2018

Team Finland Visit to Singapore on 10-12 January 2018

The alcohol market in Singapore is a lucrative place to do business.

Travel to Singapore with Mr. Jari Leppä, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and Ms. Jaana Husu-Kallio, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to explore new business opportunities alcohol industry in Singapore has to offer to your company.

Interested? Click the tab below and register by 24 November 2017 and read more about the detailed practical information, costs involved and the program.

Why should your company go to Singapore?
Despite high taxes on alcohol, Singapore is a population with a high number of people with high disposal income willing to spend on luxurious alcoholic drinks. Consumers also purchase fine liquors as collectibles and as a symbol of status.

Consumers are expected to increase their demand for Liquors due to strong economic growth that leads to greater affluence of consumers in Singapore. Because Singapore is transhipment hub and Asia's regional business and trading hub, it has many trading partners despite being a small city-state. Hence, local consumers are exposed to a wide range of choices of Liquor and Cordials from many countries all over the world. LEARN MORE

Participation fee
The delegation visit will be organized together with Food From Finland  Program, which is managed by Finpro. The program will continue to support its member companies after the visit in the target market.

Food From Finland program will cover all the costs of the program arrangements in Singapore. Finpro will provide the flight suggestions and handle the group hotel booking, but the delegates are responsible for covering the costs of the flights and hotel accommodation. LEARN MORE

 For more information please contact:

- Mr. Esa Wrang, Head of Industry, Food, +358 400 243 076
- Ms. Annaleena Soult, Program Manager, Food from Finland, +358 40 343 3447

- Ms. Petra Korhonen, Project Coordinator, Business and Media Delegations, +358 50 323 7746