Fashion from Finland introduced Finnish brands to Japanese market

Fashion from Finland introduced Finnish brands to Japanese market

The first international Lifestyle Finland market event in 2017, Fashion from Finland, was hosted in Tokyo on April 3-4 at The Works. The B2B event introduced Finnish fashion and accessories brands with their latest collection: Cozy, Formal Friday, Frenn, Gemmi, Liisa Riski, Lovia, Marita, Myssyfarmi, Nanso, Pelago, R-Collection, Vejits and Vestiarium.

During the event, Finnish companies met nearly 90 local professionals in the industry; fashion buyers, importers and journalists. A Reception hosted on the first night of the event introduced local bloggers and musicians as live models for the Finnish brands.

Finnish brands were well presented at The Works venue also after the Fashion from Finland event. During the following days, Finnish brands Aarikka, Costo, Kalevala Koru and Nanso were exhibited alongside with Italian and Japanese brands at a showroom run by Japanese company Toyoshima. The Toyoshima showroom was visited by the buyers of 40 different select shops in Japan.

Shuta Tsukamoto, director of Toyoshima showroom, was pleased about the first collaboration with Finnish fashion brands. Customers had shown interest and as a result, he would like to continue collaboration with the brands.

When asked what kind of Finnish fashion brands have potential in the Japanese market, Mr. Tsukamoto gave a simple recipe: “The style must be different from what is shown in Paris or in New York, it needs to stand out”.