Finland’s unique approach to design appeals to online shoppers who want to stand out

Finland’s unique approach to design appeals to online shoppers who want to stand out


Katri Naukkarinen

Finnish design is world famous, as colorful Marimekko fabrics, Eero Aarnio's playful furniture, and Harri Koskinen's minimalist Block-lamp are well known throughout the world. International demand for Finnish design has grown significantly in recent years. Finland's world class design education and the buzzing fashion community create fresh new design that appeals to individualists but has also the potential to become widely loved classics. Finpro's Lifestyle Finland program and Finland's Embassy present a unique selection of Finnish fashion & lifestyle brands to UK's top e-commerce influencers on June 7th at Finnish Ambassador's residence in London.

Fashion & design enthusiasts access unique pieces, endless selection, and great deals online.Finnish fashion and lifestyle products are raising strong interest in online stores worldwide, and especially in Asia and Europe. More and more retailers choose to offer consumers something special by showcasing Finnish design in their selection. Bold and playful Finnish brands are authentic and stand out even from the very fashionable Scandinavian family. The "little extra" Finnish design often offers makes it stand out among its competitors in the highly-competed market. Despite the price being an important factor for online consumers, there is also an increasing interest in quality and longevity of products. More and more consumers prefer well-designed products of good quality over cheaper mass-produced items.

Finnish design thrives from timeless functionality and joy

Unique design from Finland serves the mindset of individualists who want to stand out from the crowd. Finnish designers usually approach the shape and style of products with simple, clean and pure lines but often also with a hint of humor. Humor and joy can be found for example in Eero Aarnio's plastic furniture and in Minna Parikka's footwear.This distinguishes Finnish design from the other Nordic traditions and gives it a very special edge. Design inspired by pure Finnish nature and the accessibility to locally produced, recycled and sustainable materials are also key ingredients for Finnish design.

Finnish fashion is also catching eyes of industry professionals, media, and celebrities. During 2017, Finnish fashion brands have been spotted in high-profile international fashion magazines, such as the Italian Vogue, the Chinese Elle and the Korean Harper's Bazaar. Furthermore, superstars like Lady Gaga and Rihanna have been seen wearing Finnish fashion. In May, Finland was also chosen as the guest nation of Pitti Uomo in 2018. As a result, Finnish fashion brands will take center stage in the world's biggest event focusing on men's fashion.

The young designers of Finland's Aalto University, chosen as one of the best fashion schools in the world last year, continue their international success. At Hyerès Festival, the industry's most important international fashion competition, Maria Korkeila was granted the Schiaparelli special award. In addition, Finns had a triple victory at the Designers' Nest in February.

Discover Finnish design with Lifestyle Finland

The Finnish trade promotion organization Finpro's Lifestyle Finland program and Finland's Embassy are showcasing unique lifestyle brands from Finland to UK's top e-commerce decision makers on June 7th at Finnish Ambassador's residence in London. The networking event gives a fascinating overview of today's Finnish design and the opportunity to connect with the young, rising talents behind Finnish brands.

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