Finland charmed design lovers at Copenhagen’s 3 Days of Design

Finland charmed design lovers at Copenhagen’s 3 Days of Design

19 unique lifestyle brands from Finland impressed industry professionals and design enthusiasts at Finpro's Lifestyle Finland showroom during 3 Days of Designin Copenhagen.

Although Danish consumers have traditionally favored Danish design over other Scandinavian brands, design from Finland is catching eyes more and more. The "little extra" Finnish Design often offers makes it stand out among its Nordic competitors in the highly-competed market. This was proven once again during 3 Days of Design, an annual event presenting the best of today's design in Scandinavia's design capital, Copenhagen.

Finpro's Lifestyle Finland showroom presented 19 Finnish brands to industry professionals, influencers and media at Copenhagen's famous Design Werck in June. The showroom gave visitors a fascinating overview of today's Finnish design and the opportunity to connect with Finland's design professionals and the young, rising talents behind brands.
Finnish design often appeals to Danes because of its similar properties to Danish design, such as simplicity and practicality. Interest in quality and longevity of products is also increasing – more and more consumers prefer well-designed products of good quality over cheaper mass-produced items. Unique design from Finland also serves the mindset of Danish individualists who want to stand out from the crowd. Finnish designers usually approach the shape and style of products with simple, clean and pure lines but often also with a hint of humor.
Timeless functionality, design inspired by nature, sustainable materials, and some fun & play. The key ingredients of Finnish design impressed the design community once again. Finnish brands at Lifestyle Finland showroom in Design Werck: Feathr, Finarte, Lango, Lovi, Nikari, LumoKids, Pisa design, Pelago, Kasperi Products, Teemu Järvi, Secto Design, Gedigo, Aarikka, Magisso, Bonden Living, Myssyfarmi, Nord-T, Liq, Plantui.
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